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About the City of Coventry Circle

City of Coventry Circle (32) is part of the Catenian Association which is an international body of Catholic men who meet at least once a month in local groups called Circles, to enjoy each other's company and thereby strengthen their family life and faith through friendship.

On an individual basis, Catenians take an active part in the life of their parishes and many play a leading role in their dioceses and Catholic lay organisations locally and nationally. City of Coventry Circle circle  was founded in 1918 and recently celebrated their 1200th meeting. We belong to Province 6, which is a group of 22 Catenian Circles in the West Midlands.

Becoming a member

Membership is by invitation and is open to practising Catholic laymen aged 18 and over and to Permanent Deacons. There are no restrictions based on occupation, race or income.

If you would like to explore becoming a Brother of the Coventry Circle please contact us. Further details are available in our membership information pack.

Charitable work

Although we are not primarily a fund raising association, we do support good causes. Each year the President of the Circle nominates a charity and most monies that we raise during that year are channelled to that charity.


"The friendships that I have made as a member of the Catenian Association have been for life."


“The Catenian Association is a fantastic organisation to be part of, we need to spread the word!.”


“Every Catholic man should contact his local Catenian Circle - It may be the best thing he's ever done!"

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